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5 November
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I am pure Ana,I don't puke or take laxatives because I hate smelly bathrooms and I don't want to spend time in them. I under eat and over exercize. I live in Hollywood with my wonderful Boyfriend and our two dogs. I am 5'4 and right now ( February 1st/09)I weight 116. This is the heaviest I've even been. My lowest was 90lbs.

A year and a half ago I had an accident and I came this close to dying, was rushed to the emergency room and was saved through a surgery but the recovery was long and for over a month I was in my bed, anable to move or go to the gym all I did is put on weight, then 6 months later I had a boob job, so for a month I couldn't work out my upper body, all in all I put on 15 pound conclusion I am a fat pig now at 116 I hate myself, sometimes I just want to die, other times I just want to be skinny that's all I want above all things.

I am pro Ana. It's my body.I chose to feed of thinspo instead of food. It works for me. I am aware that I am playing with death but so are you, everyday that you drive, and just because people die in car accidents doesn't mean we should all walk.